Wanted to take some time to spotlight the hard work and unparalleled creativity of my good friends The Natives + their strong supporters Porch Party Records.
The Natives as they are known to the music world are the collaborative efforts of Long Beach natives, Senay Kenfe + Gerrath McDaniel. A recent release with Porch Party Records. “The Last of The Natives” is a product long in the making, a polished piece of the minds of a talented few.

Senay Kenfe (Nativethoughts whilst wielding a microphone) is a dedicated performer + dexterous lyricist. A few lines into anyone of these tracks will take you through mythological, scientific, + pop culture references that will have you wishing you paid more attention in class and on the Blue line. Have Wikipedia at the ready. Filled with words that touch on some heavy wisdom and LA area idiosyncratic ideas. These same obscure + mysterious references fall right into place and actually summarize Senay’s own self quite well. These songs are both a compliment and mirror of his encyclopedic knowledge + smooth demeanor.

I’ve spent years observing + helping document his growth as an artist, and this new work is a testament to his constant development. His work is a direct extension of his life, poetic recollections of his childhood and his philosophies. To have your art be that close in proximity to your true self is a clear sign of some serious adeptness.

Succinct samples and snippets of some seriously soulful music and cinematic conversation riddle this record in all the right ways. Beautifully produced by Josh Jetson, the seamless soundtrack plays well all the way through.
Take some time + spin some independent vinyl.

Album can be found on Itunes, Spotify, + Here.

Cover artwork by the talented Caroline Grasso. Photos by Arthur Hitchcock.

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